fredag den 18. oktober 2013

I'm preparing for the annual christmas marked at my school in the end of November. This is one of the prints you'll be able to by from my little shop. Also I will bring some of my collography prints and the lino cut I posted last. It's the first time that I'll try to sell some of my things, so I'm really excited to see if anyone is interested.  

mandag den 7. oktober 2013

Lino cut

Small Horse

I have been working with collography, which is a way of printing where you use cardboard to make texture or draw in with your etching needle, just like you would a copper plate. I love this method because it's so simple and cheap to use and still you can get some really amazing results.
These tree are images printed from the same board, which should give you an idea of just how many options there are if you fancy it. But for the two in the top I have used an additional board to add the red color.

tirsdag den 1. oktober 2013

Game design illustrations

Here are some illustrations I did for an app designed to help children with autism and ADHD communicate how they are feeling to their parents and carers. I have used a simple visual expression and some child friendly colors to create as little distraction as possible.
It was great to work with these kids and visit the child day care center "Toppen" for some user research. Also I had great fun working with illustration in a new way and even see it animated a bit (there's a drag and drop function of the faces). 
You can read more about the concept of the project here.  

lørdag den 6. juli 2013


A few sketches. Since my last project I have wanted to try a way to color in Photoshop, but without loosing the hand drawn look. Here I have just added a little texture and shadow with the pencil before I scanned the illustration. Well okay, this is old news for most I suppose. I'm still a happy student. And now - it's time for tea and bedtime story. 

onsdag den 26. juni 2013

So, this is the last of my series of four illustrations about the family party. I had my exam today and finally it's time to relax. In the end I'm quite satisfied with the result and what I've learned from it. Also this last weekend I attended a graphics course - so expect some uploads from that later on (I just need to sleep for at least three days before I can do anything again).

søndag den 16. juni 2013

About a family party. There is still one more illustration to come. This was a project at school where I just wanted to focus on learning to use Photoshop as a coloring tool, and to use textures. Now I just need to make it look a little less "computerish". Any tips and tricks? 

søndag den 26. maj 2013

Inspiration is everywhere. Here are some crystals, stones, shells, amber, and glass I've collected over time. These colorful and odd things have always fascinated me, and it reminds me how playful nature is. Also there's a great deal of memories attached to each pice, what age I was, with whom I found it, and what state of mind I was in. A whole series of pictures plays before my eyes as I look through my treasure chest. How wonderful is it, that lived experience can be manifested in this way. And now they may be useful to me again when I study color and texture to help improve my illustrations. 

tirsdag den 14. maj 2013

my favorite spot in the kitchen. the kitchen is always the best room in a house, sadly me and my boyfriend have only got a small apartment kitchen, where we try not to step on each others feet too often.

lørdag den 11. maj 2013

Songs of Experience

The Fly

Little Fly,
Thy summer's play
My thoughtless hand
Has brush'd away.

Am not I
A fly like thee?
Or art not thou
A man like me?

For I dance,
And drink, and sing,
Till some blind hand
Shall brush my wing.

If thought is life
And strenght and breath,
And the want
Of thought is death;

Then am I
A happy fly,
If I live
Or if I die

William Blake

fredag den 10. maj 2013

fredag den 29. marts 2013

An illustration for a Danish short story by Naja Marie Aidt, "Den Blomstrende Have".

onsdag den 2. januar 2013