torsdag den 6. februar 2014

paper cut

Wow, I've been updating my blog lately like I haven't got a life. Not exactly true though. 
We have been learning about colors, light settings, and relief at school, which made me make this wirdoo house. It is paper cut in three layers put separately in a box to keep them standing. Then I placed the box on an overhead projector and added some different colored transparent paper to color my otherwise white paper cuttings. I must say, I'm quite pleased with the effect. 

tirsdag den 4. februar 2014

monday comic page

I made this comic exercise because I feel in love with the style of Lilli Carré. I've tried to copy some of her style, and at the same time I wanted to practice my speed. Originally I wanted to make this page in one day only, but come on - I'm not that fast yet. Still I had a good time making it, which matches my New Years resolution perfectly: to have more fun (also with my work). Last year I was so busy doing my homework that I forgot about how I used to love doing my own creative personal projects. This year I will try to find a better balance, because life should really be fun. Serious fun when best (if that makes sense outside my Danish brain).