mandag den 29. december 2014

lørdag den 27. december 2014

This christmas I made some painted porcelain for a christmas marked where I also sold some of my illustrations. It's always really enjoyable to be a part of these sort of things and see all the nice stuff other people are bringing.

fredag den 26. december 2014

Oh my, how long it has been since my last post. but it certainly doesn't mean that I've done nothing the last couple of months. I have both been one month to china, where I did a journalistic drawing blog, and I've learned that I love making animations.
You can watch my animations by following this like to vimeo:

This is the Jian'an temple in Shanghai. Shanghai has a lot of contradictions I think. One of the most obvious is defenitely the coexisting of old and moderne buildings (or is it a clash?). Like when this old temple building is surrounded by new modern financial towers and adverting banners.

A scene from the temple. If you would like to see the rest of my drawings from shanghai, please visit this tumblr blog: - there you will also find a short animation of a "shikumen moment".

tirsdag den 2. september 2014

Since I have been ill today and therefore staying home in my PJ's, I decided to spend the day practicing my Photoshop skills. This is the first time I actually try to make an entire drawing in Photoshop, and I think it went quite well. It's definitely something else when you have to work with colors as well as getting the motif right. 

søndag den 15. juni 2014

Hi ya all! So it's finally the summer holidays, and after some very hard and intense months I'm really looking forward for some relaxing. But before I totally slumber away, I thought I would just upload a few illustrations that I did during this semester.

Apollon is sad because he accidentally killed his young lover Hyracintus:

The feeling you get when it hits you that you sound exactly like your mother:

A short text by my friend Simon Holm Pedersen: 

Book cover. I think you know it:

torsdag den 1. maj 2014

I have here som sketches from a project where I was to illustrate an imaginary journey to Portugal based upon a novel by H. C. Andersen in which he visits ..well, Portugal. These are the two I'm most fond of. 


"An old cloister up in the mountains close to Palmella."

lørdag den 29. marts 2014

Animated drawings

Recently I have been wanting to learn how to animate my drawings. My latest school project allowed me to experiment with this, and I fell in love with the wide possibilities of After Effects! This is a small clip from the project which illustrates how such an animation could look like for me. BUT of course there is a lot for me to learn as this was the first attempt. It feels kind of funny to see your drawings come to life!

mandag den 24. marts 2014

…okay, then just one bongo bong more

I'm experimenting with abstract figures. And I'm totally in to it! These are illustrations to music. Mostly trip hop, which is awesome and I just discovered it recently. They are to be used in a school project for Sound Cloud (just pretend). The resolution here is pretty low, but I don't want to crowd the internet too much with my giga files..

søndag den 16. marts 2014

torsdag den 6. februar 2014

paper cut

Wow, I've been updating my blog lately like I haven't got a life. Not exactly true though. 
We have been learning about colors, light settings, and relief at school, which made me make this wirdoo house. It is paper cut in three layers put separately in a box to keep them standing. Then I placed the box on an overhead projector and added some different colored transparent paper to color my otherwise white paper cuttings. I must say, I'm quite pleased with the effect. 

tirsdag den 4. februar 2014

monday comic page

I made this comic exercise because I feel in love with the style of Lilli Carré. I've tried to copy some of her style, and at the same time I wanted to practice my speed. Originally I wanted to make this page in one day only, but come on - I'm not that fast yet. Still I had a good time making it, which matches my New Years resolution perfectly: to have more fun (also with my work). Last year I was so busy doing my homework that I forgot about how I used to love doing my own creative personal projects. This year I will try to find a better balance, because life should really be fun. Serious fun when best (if that makes sense outside my Danish brain). 

fredag den 31. januar 2014


This is a short comic I did for a competition. Sadly it didn't get selected, but on the bright side that allows me to share it here with you on my blog. The name of the story is "Lubóv", which is a village in Poland. It's taken from my own person experience during a family vacation in Poland some years ago, mixed with some fiction. (The guy with the chain saw isn't the fictional part, if you were wondering.) 

It's the first time that I have really tried to make a comic like this, where I had to put down the story myself, and it proved to be both very hard to do, but also quite rewarding. I know more about my own work process now, and I know that I absolutely love the narrative form of a comic!